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Why is my account pending review?

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Posted by Property Admin on November 2, 2022

Your Success is Our Success

To provide a safe and trustworthy property platform for users, we only accept property listings from business partners who are vetted and approved as legitimate and genuine.

Business partners who list properties with us must also comply with The Real Muloodi Property Network Terms and Conditions

Therefore, if you have signed up for a Property Developer, a Real Estate Agency, or an individual Agent/Broker account, your account will initially be placed into ‘Pending Review’ status, until your details has been reviewed and approved by a member of our Customer Success Team.   

While your account is ‘Pending Review’, you should complete your business profile. However, your business profile will not be visible to the public and you will not be able to post properties until you have been fully vetted and approved.  

Pending approval notice on computer

How do I get approved?

STEP 1. We give our business partners a free business webpage designed to promote your business and your property listings, and to help you build your brand. 

Your real estate business profile is like your business card on The Property Network. 

Therefore, the first step to getting approved is to complete your professional profile with all the information that will display on your business webpage, including: 

    • Your business name
    • Your business phone/mobile number
    • Your business email address
    • Your business physical address
    • Your business logo photo or profile photo. Note: The minimum dimensions are 500 pixels by 500 pixels. In some views your photo will be cropped, therefore allow for padding of 90 pixels at the top and 90 pixels at bottom of your image, to ensure your business logo or profile photo remains fully visible. If the photo you submit is not of high enough quality, we will request a better one.
    • Your business website domain, if you have one. Don’t worry if you don’t; your Property Network Business Page is designed to be the webpage you need to promote your business. 
    • Your business social media account URLs, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram
    • A description of your business and the services you provide
    • The geographical area that you cover. 

The Property Network will use the information you provide to:

  1. Verify your identity and/or your business operations 
  2. Show a disclosure including your name, or the name of the business you represent, and location, linked from any property listings you run. 

Your business profile must be complete and looking professional before approval of your account will be issued. 

STEP 2. You will need to submit documentation to show that you are authorised to advertise properties under your submitted business. 

Organizations are required to submit one of the following registration documents for identity verification. Acceptable documents include:

  • Certificate of incorporation or registration
  • Extract from commercial register
  • Business license
  • Tax certificate

Individuals and authorised representatives must submit a photo of yourself holding your Ugandan government-issued photo ID as part of the verification programme. Acceptable documents include: 

  • Passport
  • National ID card
  • Driver’s license
  • Residence permit

How to take a photo of yourself holding your ID

  • Take the photo in a room with enough light
  • Select the highest photo quality on the device you use to take the photo 
  • Hold up the document next to your face, like in the image below
  • Make sure both your face and ID are clear on the photo — nothing on the ID can be covered or censored
If your photo is not of high enough quality (sufficiently sharp and not blurry), we will request a better copy.

STEP 3: Once you have completed your business profile, and you are ready to submit your documents, email them to property@realmuloodi.co.ug for approval. We will respond within 48 hours

Individual users, i.e. property owners who are not running a business but a looking to sell or let their own property, will instead undergo our automated identity verification process for a small fee to cover the cost of the identity check. 

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