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We don’t charge commission, and there is no commitment.

We will bill you monthly, growing with you as your business grows. In slow times you can downgrade. 

We don’t lock you in with automatic payments, so if you no longer wish to continue, your properties will automatically expire, and you can reactivate them when you’re ready. 

Log in to your Dashboard to select the package that suits your needs. Here is our pricing:


30 Days

UGX 45,000

(18% VAT Included)

Per month

UGX 85,000

(18% VAT Included)

Per month

UGX 135,000

(18% VAT Included)


UGX 180,000

(18% Vat Included)


UGX 1,800,000

(18% VAT Included)

Annual Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Just click on the profile icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen and follow the prompts. You are assigned a free account when you first sign up. You can select a paid package from your Dashboard.

If you would like extra time on the Property Network for your properties, you must upgrade to a paid package. Otherwise your property will be marked as inactive, and visitors will not see it any more. 

If you delete a property, that property is still counted as listing used, so the number of listings included will not change after delete. 

If you buy or upgrade to a paid package, you will receive the number of listings included in the package purchased. Listings do not sum. 

Your new package limits will start to apply from the moment of the purchase, even if you had x  days/weeks/months/years from your previous membership.

If you have already published an “x” number of properties, those properties will be automatically deducted from a number of available listings after buying or upgrading the package with more listings included.

If you downgrade to a package with fewer listings than your current number of published listings, ALL  listings will be set to EXPIRED and you will need to republish the number of listings according to the new plan you have.

You will receive an email 3 days before your membership package expires.

If payment fails to be processed, you will continue to have Free Membership by default.

No. Your package will expire at the end of package availability and it will not be renewed automatically. If you would like extra time on the Property Network for your properties, you can renew and pay manually. 

If you don’t want the hassle of making monthly payments, our annual Gold Plan is perfect for you, with Unlimited Property Listings, 20 Featured Listings, and 20 Images per Listing, and a 2-month discount compared to the monthly Gold Plan. 

All listings will have status EXPIRED if:

  • Your package has reached the available date and you have not purchased a new package.
  • You downgrade your package to a package with less included listings than the number of listings you have published.

(18% VAT Included)

Our Clients Say

"Real Muloodi Property Network is so simple and easy to use, and my listings look great! I love it!"
Edwin Asaba
"I get more inquiries than ever before now that I am on the Property Network."
Jesca Kato
"I love the flexibility, I can scale up and down depending on by business needs. I'm not locked in to a fixed price contract"
Andrew Akello
"I like that I am in control and don't need a broker. I started with a free account, but I soon upgraded so that I could get a featured listing, and I sold my place that same month."
Mark Tumusiime
Property Owner

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